Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Airline food and midterms

Hello all

The second leg of our journey was filled with a lot of sleep, movies, and pretty amazing airline food...

After flying from Singapore to london we said our goodbyes to the rest of the Australian Venturers who were disembarking in England, and finally departed for Denmark.

We arrived in Denmark yesterday at 1.15 in the afternoon (Danish time). Then followed by a two and a half hour drive to my new school korinth efterskole spejderskolen, in Faaborg, Denmark.

The school looked beautiful when i arrived, i couldn't believe it was a school.

As it is freezing, and has been dark outside for hours, I thought i would just add a photo i found on the internet.

After i had unpacked we sat down to a delicious dinner, and i went to bed, exhausted by the days travels.

This morning began at 6.30 when the whole school went for a walk in the freezing, dark morning. I have to say it was very refreshing...
We then had the first class of the day... English, which just happened to be in danish for the days lesson, as it was about the afternoons midterms, which both Alice (the other Australian SISEP scout staying at the school) and I found out were taking part in.
After English, we were set to work cleaning up all around the school.
And finally it was time for the midterm exam, which both Alice and i completed early, allowing us some much anticipated rest.

It was then mine and Nina's (my host sister) turn to cook dinner, which turned out pretty good (the recipe being in english certainly helped).  And thats about it for my day, once again im feeling pretty exhausted... still getting over the jet lag i guess.

well i shall try and post again tomorrow.

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