Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas and Snow

Hello everyone

Well its the end of my first week of school, and i am exhausted, its been a very full on week, filled with a lot of cooking while the rest of the school took their midterm exams.

we were inside cooking and suddenly a few people started jumping and shouting, and we were led outside where it had started snowing, well it was more like shredded ice which melted quickly, BUT IT WAS STILL SNOW, we were all so excited, and then its stopped. However luckily started again about 2 hours later. We were just so excited to finally see snow fall for the first time!!!

(My mini snowball)

Today was spent cooking and then decorating the school for christmas. The schools walls sung christmas carols as each group was given a room to decorate. 
At my Danish school the students are split up into groups that they eat and cook with, all the students in the group are of both grade 9 and 10. 
Our group was given one of the class rooms to decorate, and our theme was christmas trees, green, and metal, strange, i know. 

In the end we found some metal christmas trees, and used paper to cut out some more. 

The Danish christmas traditions are very different from that of the Australian christmas tradition of some prawns on the barbie. Every day leading up to christmas they open a christmas calendar to reveal some kind of Danish sweets, and every Sunday in December they receive a larger gift than that of every other weekday. Christmas is mainly celebrated on christmas eve when the family dances around the christmas tree and open their gifts, this time is often spent with family. 

After completing the decorating of the small classroom we went for a walk around the rest of the school, and then down to the local shops. 

The Christmas Tree in the foyer. 

I finally got a photo of my school, isn't it amazing. 

Across the road from the school. 

MORE SNOW on the roof of a car.


Christmas decorations. 

The main road of the village the school is located in, we have to walk up it every morning at 6.30am, in the dark.

 The local village.

 The local village.

A house in the local village, they are very different form those in Australia. 

So thats been my week so far, tomorrow the school is hosting the students grandparents for a lunch and dinner, allowing the to look around the school, and next week we will be visiting high schools, or Gymnasium, as it is called in Denmark, on Monday and Tuesday, then on Wednesday and Thursday both Alice (Victorian SISEP Scout) and i are going to be taken around the island of Funen, on which the school is located.
It is also apparently going to reach -5 degrees over the weekend, and snow is expected, so fingers crossed. 

I shall try and write again as soon as possible. 


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