Saturday, 1 December 2012

Tis the season to be jolly

So its December 1st, and you know what that means CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! The day has been full of celebration.
Today the grandparents of many of the students attended the school for grandparents day where they are shown around the school and treated to a christmas lunch. We had a magnificent day filled with christmas decoration making, and lots of christmas food!!!

The day began with a very pleasant sleep in and a late breakfast, followed by the grandparents arriving, cooking, a delicious lunch, and activity time when christmas cooking and decoration making was made available to everyone.

OH AND IT JUST STARTED SNOWING (mmm nice 10pm snow)

Anyhow, back to christmas.
As it was the first of December it was time to start opening our christmas calendars... or baskets in out case (kindly made by my host mother Lisbet)

Each day during the month of December we get to open one of the pouches, today we recieved a beautiful christmas decoration each.

In Denmark this is done by many family's, though not all. Another version of this christmas gift is to receive a bigger gift every sunday leading up to Christmas day, or even to receive both.

The day was also filled with alot of christmas baking including gingerbread, ham, iced christmas cookies, and the christmas tradition of æbleskiver, meaning apple slices, a dish that surprisingly has nothing to do with apples at all. It is a small circular donut like cake eaten on special occasions and served with sugar and jam.

This evening we also watched an annual christmas television show that plays a new episode every day leading up to christmas, it was, however, completely in danish, so both Alice (Victorian Venturer) and i watched the whole episode in confusion.

Well that about it for the day, tomorrow is to be a very relaxing day before the big week ahead as it is parent teacher interviews, oh and that reminds me, both Alice and i passed our English midterms top of the class, phew, i was worried there for a moment.

Well, until next time

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