Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A day in the City

Before beginning this post i would first of all like to apologise for not posting in a while as i have been extremely tired, anyhow, lets talk about my weekend. 

On Friday evening we jumped on the bus to begin our 4 hour journey back to Copenhagen to spend the weekend with my host family. When we arrived we had an excellent warm home made dinner and headed off for an early night. 

When we awoke on Saturday we got ready for a day out in the city, we dressed up for cold weather (and it turned out to be only 4 degrees) we left the house to go shopping in the nearby plaza before catching the train right into the city, we headed to Freetown Christiania, a self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood consisting of about 850 residents. 

The Freetown has been a source of controversy since its creation, as narcotic sales was tolerated by authorities until 2004, and a still continuing, therefore we couldn't take photographs inside.

Looking up a river.

Looking down the same river.

Standing outside the back entrance of Freetown Christiania.

Outside the main entrance to Freetown Christiania.

Standing next to a statue of the Guinness World Records tallest man (who happened to be Danish) 

And that was about it for the weekend, on Sunday night we headed back to the school, and had a very early nights sleep. 

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