Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Exploring the lands

Hi all

Well today was a great adventure, we started with a late morning (sleeping in of course) waking up once again to a fresh blanket a undisturbed white snow.
We set of on our way to explore the local are around 11 in the morning, starting at the local church Brahetrolleborg Kirke (Brahetrolleborg Church) built between 1250-1325 where we were given a tour of the church and it was magnificent, we even got to go up the tower, and listen to our guide play the stunning organ.

The marble carving above the churches large wooden front doors.

Climbing up to the top of the tower.

Standing at the doors of the church.  

In front of the adjoining abbey. 

A Christmas nativity set made by one of the local people.

Looking up the isle of the church.

A wooden carving on the church wall. 

The churches carved marble baptism pool.

One of the first Bibles translated into Danish.

The creator of the new ceilings mark left in stone and placed into the church wall.

An angel sitting on the churches organ.

The magnificent church organ.

The view from the organ platform.

The organ.

The organ.

The organs carved keys.

 A picture of the Virgin Mary cradling Jesus Christ. 

The stunning, colourful stained glass windows of the church. 

The stunning organ.

The stunning organ.

"In heartfelt remembrance for outstanding contribution to the organ reconstruction 2004"

The organ.

The organ.

The organ music.

Almost every church in Denmark had a small ship hanging from it's ceiling, this custom began centuries ago when a man at sea prayed to god that if he and his ship returned safely he would give a gift to the church. He did return and gave a small ship to the church to hang from it's ceiling.

The view from above the new ceiling (it was added after the church was originally built).

Part of the original church (the new ceiling is lower than the original one).

The view from the bell room.

The bell.

The carving at the top of the bell.

The view from the very top of the church's tower.

View from the top of the church.

View from the top of the church.

View from the top of the church.

View from the top of the church.

The front doors.

The church's tower.

The cemetery.

The then walked another three kilometres to a nearby farming estate, the owners had allowed us to walk around the gardens to take photos. 

Standing down by the lake.

 Down by the lake.

In front of the huge estate.

In front of the huge estate.

In front of an old cottage with thatch roofing.

Well thats the end of the day, it was freezing cold, and at one point i believe it got to around -6 degrees im surprised we still have our toes (though at one point we couldn't feel them) we had a great day exploring the church and estate, and it was definitely worth freezing to see them both. 

So until next time 

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