Thursday, 13 December 2012

Midnight walks and tobogganing

SO last night as we were about to call it a night when we were called down to a meeting in the gym, when we got there we were told to change into super warm clothing as we would be going for a walk (this was it 10 pm by the way) and they didn't know when we would be back, we rugged up in our thermals, and  warm winter jackets and set out into the -16 degree night.
We walked for ages before getting to our first base, where we were told to sing a Christmas carroll.
After receiving our peppernut candy reward we turned down a street and continued walking.
Our next base involved a game called Shulp (I am assuming thats how it's spelt) where you basically mulch yourself to someone else by touching them. The game ends when pretty much everyone falls over, kind of like twister.
Once again we received a peppernut candy as a reward and continued on to our final base which turned out to be a tea and coffee base, where we had a rest and then turned back to walk the way we had come.
We got back at around 12pm after walking the whole 12 kilometres in the -16 snow.

This morning was pretty much the same as any usual day (though we got to sleep in and didn't have to go for a walk in the early hours of the morning) we had breakfast and then classes.
After lunch we once again dressed up in our warm attire, grabbed our bikes and began a freezing one and a half hour bike ride to a very hilly area where we went sleighing.

The stunning view from the top of one of the hills. 

Our lovely sleighing attire.

The first time. 

Shouting at Alice as i attempt the big hill.

Alice and i sliding down the hill.

The horrid climb back up.

Pause for a photo.

Coming up behind me.

I am forced down the painfully icy part of the hill.

Alice and i attempt snow angels.

Alice and i attempt snow angels.

My angel.

Alices angel.

Our exhausted attempt to get up a hill. 

Running down snow covered hills. 

Looking at the hills. 

After our very eventful (and successful) sleighing, we exhaustedly biked back to school, to sit next to our very warm heaters, and that was it for a very full on day. 
And this is me done, and very ready for bed. 
Tomorrow after school we head to my host family's home on Copenhagen for a very full on weekend (and f course we are going to see the hobbit)
Well until next time. 

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