Friday, 7 December 2012

The island of Funen

Yesterday began with Alice's host sisters grandmother sitting us down to discuss where on the island of Funen (on which the school is located). We decided to spend the day in Odense, the islands largest city, home to around 168,800 people.

We then set off on our journey stopping at a small church on the way, to walk in on a small danish puppet show boing preformed to some grade 1 and 2 students.

We then drove on to the city of Odense where we parked outside a small street, where no cars were allowed, filled with houses.
As we strolled among them we came to a long street, where Hans Christian Andersen's (the story teller) house sat. We decided to take a look inside the Hans Christian Andersen museum.

The car and bike less streets.

A Danish Christmas decoration.

The house of Hans Christian Andersen.

The outside and roof of Hans Christian Andersen's house was being renovated so we had to go in the back way.

An amazing statue of Hans Christian Andersen.

Making a 3D picture.

A bust of Hans Christian Andersen.

We found a spectacular Christmas tree in the middle of the museum.

Hans Christian Andersen's table.

The bed in which Hans Christian Andersen slept.

A story book by Hans Christian Andersen.

We had a great time walking through the amazing museum, it was filled with so many facts about his life, and about his stories. 

We then continued to walk through the back streets of the city looking at amazing little shops filled with nick nacks and handmade items. 

In one of the back streets.

We then reached the major part of the city, and looked around all of the shops, and inside a magnificent, large church. 

The town hall.

The stunning windows of the church.

Me in front of the apparently self opening door (we didn't expect it to open) 

Inside the church.

Inside the church.

Inside the church.

The stained glass windows of the church.

Inside the church.

We then started back to the car as the -6 degree weather was getting to us. 

Oh and this is what the snow does when it is pushed to the side of the road... i thought it was a bit strange. 

We then made our way to IKEA and had a pretty good lunch, and of course some shopping, and made our way back to school, and that was the day done. 

So now its time to go for a walk down to the local servo to buy some much needed lollys :) 

well, until next time

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